Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dr Sachin & Tarannum- Mystical Sufi Singing

Dr Sachin & Tarannum- Mystical Sufi Singing
SIRSA NEWS ( www.SirsaNews.com )
29 October, 2013
Pictures and Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann, Background Music: Murari Verma.
Who says that talent cannot take a flight from a small city and that too if your talent is entirely different form your elected profession. Here SirsaNews is showcasing a rare combination of Sachin A Doctor, Tarannum An Engineer and Murari a Businessperson who have come together to record a beautiful Sufi Song set to traditional Sufi composition but heavily laced with modern instruments, and state of the art recording equipment, as if this was not enough, a novel experiment to add RAP to Sufi can be seen in this Short Music Video that these artists recorded for SirsaNEWS.
Watch Video: Dr. Sachin Sharma and Er Tarannum Bharti render Sufi Sangeet, Interviews of Dr Sachin Sharma, Er Tarannum Bharti, Murari Verma, Sutantar Bharti, Also listen and watch over 3.5 minutes of Beautiful Sufi Song, Allah Hoo...sung by Sachin and Tarannum. JCDV Sirsa is Alma-Mater of both Sachin and Tarannum. The video of the song was exclusively recorded for SirsaNews.

Note: if you have a high speed Internet connection, then you may Change Quality to 360p/480p or higher for better quality Video. (From Quality Gear Icon on right hand bottom corner of Video Window)


ajay kumar sardana said...

outstanding performance

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Promising talents.............