Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Diwali in Sirsa as viewed by You-tuber Ajay Wadhwa

Diwali in Sirsa as viewed by You-tuber Ajay Wadhwa.
11 November, 2015
Pictures, Narration and Video: Ajay Wadhwa.
Ajay Wadhwa belongs to Sirsa, He had been working as a Senior Executive in Pantaloons Fashion and Retail Limited in Delhi, but later he thought of doing something that makes him happy so he chose to be a You-tuber and make videos to entertain people.
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His channel FlavoursOfLife has half a dozen videos so far. This when time he came to his home town Sirsa on Diwali; through his camera he wanted to see and show what the city looks like around Diwali festival. He made a quick video with some snappy narration and good music to show everyone.
“Shooting the video was a wonderful experience.” He says.
Previously, it was 2011, when he went to 30 schools and colleges of Sirsa to create awareness among students about our duties towards our environment and society under an initiative called 'Let's Change'.
Here is the link to his You Tube Channel: Flavours of Life

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kumar ritambhar said...

Great piece of work Ajay wadhwa . You are surely touching many lives through flavours of life. Wish you all the success and keep up the good work. Congrats!!