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Role of Academics and Educational Institutes vital for nation-building - Ashok Garg

Role of Academics and Educational Institutes vital for nation-building - Ashok Garg
20 September 2019
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Academicians and Educational Institutes play a vital role in nation-building. The Universities and Colleges are also a temple of learning where the energies of the youth have been channelized in a systematic manner under the guidance and counselling of Faculty members. This was stated by Sh Ashok Garg, IAS Deputy Commissioner, Sirsa during the 'Academic-Administration Interface  Programme' organized by Dean Academic Affairs Office of Chaudhary Devi Lal University, Sirsa. While addressing the Teaching fraternity of University at C.V. Raman, Seminar Hall. Deputy Commissioner, Sirsa emphasized that teachers should motivate the students to involve themselves in the extension and nation-building activities so that the participation of the youth in the development activities should be enhanced.

He asserted that Teachers are the role model of the students and if they guide the students to opt for a carrier according to their capabilities and interest by testing their Intelligent quotient, the students will achieve more success in life. If they succeeded to get a job as per their choice and capability, the level of job satisfaction will be high and in this way, productivity will be turned into qualitative from quantitative. He added that teachers are the torchbearer of the society and new ideas have been generated in the educational institutes and these ideas are helpful in preparing the blueprint of any development project. He urged the teachers to come forward and join the hands with district administration in eradicating the social evils like Prada Partha, Drug Addiction, Female foeticide, gender equity etc.

The program was presided over by Professor Vijay K. Kayat, Vice-Chancellor, CDLU, Sirsa and in his presidential address, he said that moral and cultural values should be inculcated among students to make them better human beings. He focussed upon the teaching & learning process and added that a University teacher involves in research and learning process throughout his or her life. He said that the skill enhancement process is missing from the modern education scenario and the gap between teacher and taught is increasing day by day that’s why the desert of thinking arousing among youth. He said that to maintain the position and dignity of the profession teacher must be updated with the latest knowledge of the subject and technology and behave like mentors with its students. He said that with the advent of the technology the nature and scope of higher education is changing day by day. He also said that the main aim of higher education institute is to generate, disseminate and preserve the knowledge for the society.  District and Session Judge Dr R.N. Bharti was also the part of this deliberation, he added that education institutes should indulge in extension and the research activities. The research should be based upon the objectives of deriving the new horizon of the knowledge and the larger interest of the society and mankind should be served. He said that legal literacy campaign should be initiated among the higher education learning institutes and curriculum should be designed in such a way that it should aware the students about duties, rights and responsibilities of a citizen. Dean Academic Affairs Professor Raj Kumar Siwach welcomed the guests and said that the objective of the programme is to develop a platform between Academicians and Administration for the growth of the society. Faculty members from different departments of the University share their ideas and thoughts upon good governance, social and cultural ethos and Digitalisation.

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