Friday, April 06, 2007

Ch. Devi Lal Remembered

Ch. Devi Lal Remembered

April 06, 2007

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EX. DEPUTY Prime Minister of India Ch Devi Lal was remembered today at by holding a ‘Sarv Dharma Prarthna Sabha’ and Tau Devi Lal Town Park Sirsa. Hindu, Muslim & Christian priests said prayers and Sikh Raagi Jatha performed Shabd Kirtan, Pandit Vijender Sharma conducted the Havan early in the morning. Christian priest also said that today is also Good Friday the day Jesus Christ passed away (The day Jesus was crucified) and on this very day peasants lost one of their great leaders Ch Devi Lal. The Bust of the Late ex DPM was given a bath with holy waters and was garlanded by INLD district president Mr. Padam Jain. Arun Beniwal, Mr. Babu Ram Goyal Advocare, Mr Surindre Singh Vaidwala, Mr. Mahabir Bagree, Mr. Aulakh, Ms. Krishna Phogat, MrAmir Chawla, Mr. Ashok Verma, Ch Bhagi Ram, Ms. Promila Sharma etc were present, none from the family of Ch Devilal was present on the memoriam service.

Ch. Devi Lal’s death anniversary was also observed at Ch. Devilal Engineering College, Panniwala Mota, Mr. Jasbir Singh Jassa, Mr. Bharat Singh Odhan, Hardayal Singh Gadrana, Mr Malhan etc attended.

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