Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ten Die in Tragic Road Accident

Die in Tragic Road Accident near Sahuwala on NH10


04 February, 2008
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In a tragic road accident nine were killed on the spot while the 10th succumbed to his injuries at Civil Hospital. The accident occurred yesterday morning when the fast moving Jeep carrying Baratis collided with a truck that was said to be stranded on the NH10 due to some problem in the engine.
The Barat had departed from Moonak on Sunday morning for Manaksar to get Nand Lal’s son married. Eight persons were killed on the spot, while the ninth person died on the way of hospital. The Tenth reportedly succumbed to his injuries at the hospital. Seven of the killed baratis were cremated at Moonak last evening, while one was cremated at Rampura village (near Moonak). The ninth killed person was from Manaksar (Rajasthan). The deceased were identified as Nand Lal (father of the bridegroom), Atma Ram, Rakesh Kumar, Teju Ram, Amrit Kumar, Mahvir, Gurpreet Singh, Krishan Kumar and Kartar Singh.

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