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Dr VP Goyal’s invention commended at Inventors of India meet at IIM(A)

Dr VP Goyal’s invention commended at Inventors of India meet at IIM(A)

31 January, 2009
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Sirsa’s leading physician, Dr. Vijay Parkash Goyal MD, recently competed in the fourth national conference on Inventors of India held from 28th November to 30th November 2008 at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad [IIM(A)]. Detailed Report Below Video Window
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MUCH ACCOLADES are being showered upon Sirsa based doctor Vijay Parkash Goyal of the Holy Nursing Home by Medical fraternity for his innovative technique in the field of ‘Intravenous Infusion and Venipuncture Process’ (popularly known as IV Set) which was selected by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad at its 4th Workshop held from November 28-30, for publication in the Government of India’s Patent and Intellectual property Journal. Dr. Goyal on his return from Ahmedabad he told Sirsa News that when once commercialized his technique would make the Intravenous Procedure more quick, precise, economical, and easily operable by one medico whereas the existing, over a century old, procedure is not only more encumber some, expensive and requires more than one person. He said in cases of emergencies in the Trauma centers his technique would prove a boon for the Doctors in saving patients’ lives where even a fraction of a minute of time is vital in life saving procedures. He said that his invention has been accepted by the IIM for further processing by the Techno.
Entrepreneur Promotion Program (TEPP).

His this innovation came into the notice of Mr. Anil K. Gupta Director, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad, [IIM(A)] while he was surfing the internet as his this innovation which he had been working upon since 2005 was applied for patent in 2006 and this found mention in the documents on the Internet pertaining to patents.

Dr V.P. Goyal is director of Holy Nursing Home Sirsa. He has named the innovation ‘Vijay-Tushar’. His son Tushar who is also a medical student and is an avid internet and PC user helped his father in refining the innovation to its present state where perhaps it can be commercially manufactured in large volumes making it much cheaper as compared to today’s composite cost of IV Set, and its ancillary requirements like leiko tape adhesives etc. This cut in its cost shall prove to be boon to the patients who pay for it as well to the health ministries both central and of the states that have to buy such medical necessities for supplies to Govt. Hospitals. IV sets are used in large numbers daily all over the world hence even a reduction of just Rs 1 per set shall translate into corers of Rs saved every year.

Out of about 2500 applicants who applied to compete at the Inventors of India meet only 60 were shortlisted and Dr VP Goyal was one of these chosen few. This itself is an acclaim as the claims of the applicants are prescreened before allowing final few dozen to make a mark at IIM(A).

Prof Eric Von Hippel, the US- based author of book “Democratising Innovations” inaugurated the workshop at IIM-A

‘Techno-entrepreneur promotion program’s high power committee team from Department of Science and Technology New Delhi also reviewed my innovation in December 2008 and has applauded this.’ Dr Goyal said. Dr Goyal is hopeful that the department shall issue a certificate sometime in February, following that he can manufacture it himself as well offer a franchise liason.

Report GS Mann with inputs from Dr. OP Bansal

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