Saturday, January 17, 2009

Governor Dr. AR Kidwai inaugurates NUJ(I) Exec. Meet

Governor Dr. AR Kidwai inaugurates NUJ(I) Exec. Meet
Cultural Program in the evening.
Birender Singh FM presides over.

17 January, 2009
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Watch SirsaNews Web Video of NUJ(I) National Exec. Meet at SIRSA on 17th Jan 2009 below.

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JOURNALISTS PLAYED a pivotal role during the Country’ freedom movement by making the masses aware about the virtues of the Independence. While addressing the Executive Body Meeting of the National Union of Journalists (India) here today as the chief guest, the Haryana Governor AR. Kidwai exhorted the media persons to continue the same old spirit to serve the country and make the people aware about the dangers being posed by some communal and opportunist elements which may imperil out hard earned Independence and may also hamper our progress. He said that the Journalists should work for the National Integrity and unity of the country and expose those vested interests who are determined to communalize every small issue and constantly threaten the very independence and National integrity of the country. In his address P.K. Roy the president of the National Union of Journalist lamented that the Indian Journalists in this era are the worst exploited lot. He said that even the Editors and other staff members of big news papers were not immune and remain under constant fear of being fired or retrenched by their employers especially during this dark phase of Global Meltdown. He cautioned the Media especially the Electronic fraternity to be cautious and impose some self restraints and checks during the sensitive coverage of Bombay type Terrorist attacks. He came heavily on the Wage board and said that the NON-JOURNALISTS were given heavy and hefty salaries in comparison to the Working Journalists. He said that Journalism these days was not a bed of roses and some of them have to tread on very dangerous paths and deserve handsome salary for maintaining themselves and their families. He said that the District Journalists who have to work in most difficult and dangerous circumstances are being paid measly salaries or retainer ships, are the most exploited class and deserve better wages. Haryana Finance Minister Mr. Birender Singh in his Presidential address said the Journalism in the present day context needs to be re-defined as now the Journalism can be classified into 2 separate identities—Print Media & the Electronic Media. He said that on many occasions the Electronic Media exaggerates small happenings and makes a mountain of a mole to earn Readership, which ultimately harms the broader interests of the society. He cited the example of the Electronic Media of Britain when even in the gravest of provocation when may of their people were killed or maimed by the Terrorist at London, not even a single mutilated dead body or any victim of the attack was shown on their Television, which proved the maturity of British Media. He advised that the media both Print and Electronic should dedicate in the service of the Nation in the same old spirit and endeavour to ensure that no criminal or Muscleman is allowed to enter the corridor of power by seeking to be elected to either the Parliament or the State Assemblies. He said that only the journalists can play a proactive role in stalling and eradicating this obnoxious practice otherwise the very existence of the Parliamentary Democracy in the country would be in danger. He asserted that the Journalists should also expose the deficiencies of the democratic system as for a politician no basic qualification or test is required where even a bus conductor has to pass through some rigorous tests, which was highly unjustifiable. Prominent among Others who also addressed the gathering were: Haryana Industries Minister LD. Arora and Dr. KV. Singh an OSD with the Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda.

Report: Dr. O.P Bansal /G.S. Mann

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