Friday, January 30, 2009

Kuldeep Bishnoi’s ‘Kuldeep Chale Chaupal’ reaches Sirsa

Kuldeep Bishnoi’s ‘Kuldeep Chale Chaupal’ reaches Sirsa
30 January, 2009

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After INLD-BJP rally, HJC(BL) president Kuldeep Bishnoi’s kafeela of Kuldeep Challe chaupal reached Sirsa yesterday.

Addressing gatherings in various villages Jodhkan, Jamaal, Kharian, Goriwala, Bada Gudha etc. of Sirsa district Mr. Kuldeep Bishnoi said that, the present CM of Haryana is not a CM of the choice of the electorate of Haryana but has been installed by the mercy of Cong High Command. But he has faith in people of Haryana who are prudent enough and shall choose Kuldeep Bishnoi as the future CM of Haryana and unlike Congress there shall be no High Command upon him to interfere between him and people of Haryana. Haryana shall see a surge in the development of the state from grass root level to all spheres.

Kuldeep Bishhnoi was escorted with a motorcade consisting of 2 and 4 wheelers and other vehicles of his supporters to the meeting venue of these villages. Veerbhan Mehta district president HJC(BL) Rajan Mehta, Sunny Mehta, and other prominent supporters flanked the leader every where.

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