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Namdhari 5 Bhadron Mela at Jeevan Nagar

Namdhari 5 Bhadron Mela at Jeevan Nagar
Namdhari Panth United Today- Th. Dalip Singh
21 August, 2009
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Bhadron Mela’, this time 50th Anniversary of Baba Jagjeet Singh attaining the ‘Gaddi’ and also 50th anniversary of Satguru Partap Singh’s ‘Ohla’ was attended bu Namdharis in thousands at Sri Jeevan Nagar. The ‘mela’ with usual religious fervor Gurbani, Langar etc. was also addressed by prominent of the region, including Jawant Singh Josh, Com Swarn Singh Wirk etc, and also by recitation of poetry by poets from the Namdhari Sect.

At the concluding, Thakur Dalip Singh elder son of Late Maharaj Bir Singh and foster son of Baba Jagjeet Singh, the present head of the Namdhari sect addressed the congregation. (Watch Video)

Delivering an important message to the Namdhari community, Thakur Dalip Singh said, “All rumours and gossip is being buried today in the presence of Namdhari Sangat by installing the huge picture of Satguru Jagjeet Singh ji, at the ‘Palki’ symbolizing his presence here while waiting for his personal presence on this ‘Palki’ with great eagerness. Today onward it should be clear in the minds of every Namdhari that the Panth is united today and all are followers of Satguru Jagjeet Singh ji, there wont be any separate ‘Melay’ any where; there shall be no asking for separate donations (Agrahi), with this he has made the ‘Panth’ as One, now it is for the ‘Sangat’ and both the Mothers (Dono Mataawan) to see that this unity continues and flourishes” he added.
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