Tuesday, January 25, 2011

33.220 Kg Opium recovered near Odhan; Peace Committee formed in Tohana

33.220 Kg Opium recovered from a person near Odhan.

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25 January, 2011

Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann

Odhan Police caught 33.220grams of Opium from the jeep of a person at a check post. The police stopped a Jeep having registration no. of Rajsthan, after routine questioning the police got suspicious and inspected the vehicle thoroughly and recovered the above quantity of the Narcotic. The driver of the jeep one Amandeep of Distt Mansa was arrested, the accused said that he brought the opium from Rajsathan to supply it to one Kuldeep Singh of Vill Raghuanaa. The police is investigating into the matter.

Peace Committee formed in Tohana

A Peace committee ‘Sarv Jatiyaa Shanti Committee’ was formed in Tohana town by taking members from several communities and religions. The Chairman of the Peace Committee Mr. Navneet Sharma (Advocate) told Sirsa News that the committee today met the SDM Tohana Mr. Ashwini Maingee, DSP Tohana Mr Suresh Kaushik, Tehsildar Vijender Bhardwaj and other officials and highlighted te problems being faced by ordinary citizens due to the on going protests and deadlock by a particular community in the state. The committee said this was causing grave problems to the sick and the people who are moving in an emergency. The committee also has members form the protesting community and they also believe that while their demands are needed to be addressed but not at the cost of public inconvenience. Dr Naveen Goyal, Dr. Shiv Sachdeva, Principal Hari Swarup Shastri, Mr Ashok Nehra, Mahadev Singla, Kush Bhargava, PRO Aswini Sharma, Devinder Singh DPE, Naval Singh, Rajneesh Jain (Advocate) etc were present. The Committee and the Administration made peace-keeping cells and requested the protestors to keep the protests peaceful and adopt way that does not cause chaos to ordinary citizens. The protesters in villages also assured that in view of the Republic day they won’t create any ruckus. Mr. Navneet Sharma told Sirsa News that last night also the concerted efforts of the Peace Committee and administration appealed to the protesters to let a marriage part proceed towards it destination and asked them to give safe passage to Ambulances and the sick, the protestors agreed to the appeals.

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