Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Seminar on Human Rights at Patwar Bhawan SIRSA

Seminar on Human Rights at Patwar Bhawan SIRSA

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09 January, 2011

Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann

Watch Video: Seminar on Human Rights at Patwar Bhawan Sirsa Addressed by : Rajeev Godara (Adv) and NK Jeet (Adv)

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Shahid Bhagat Singh Vichar Manch, Haryana and Operation Green Hunt Virodhi Jamhoori Manch Punjab jointly convened a seminar on Human Rights at Patwar Bhawan SIRSA. The topic of the seminar was State, People and ‘Black’ Laws. Mr Rajeev Godara, (Advocate) Punjab and Haryana High Court, Chandigarh and Mr. NK Jeet (Advocate) Bhatinda, and Dr. Parminder Singh were the main speakers at the seminar. Mr Swarn Singh Wirk (Advocate) and Mr. Narbhinder Singh Sr Journalist also addressed the seminar. While Mr Rajeev Godara gave a meticulous and in depth detailed view by including various sections of IPC and Cr PC about how law is twisted to enact ‘Black Laws’ and why it is very important to protest about it in the wake of life imprisonment of Dr. Binayak Sen by sentencing him to life imprisonment on charges of sedition. On the other hand Mr. NK Jeet Advocate tried to explain about violation of Human Rights by enforcing Black Laws in a simple and layman’s language. Mr. Narbhinder an eminent Punjabi journalist anchored the stage. Comrade Swarn Singh Wirk Advocate concluded the seminar on a note of caution that while it is really unfortunate that an eminent doctor, Dr Binayak Sen has been sentenced to imprisonment apparently in a much by framing much exaggerated charges against him while he was perhaps only doing his duty as a doctor, however one should see that no one should be allowed to abet or wage a war against the nation. The seminar was thinly attended owing to bitter cold and perhaps that people in this area are still not aware about Human Rights violations. Mr Roshan Suchan, Baljeet Singh Malakpur, Comrade Dr Avtar, Dr Gandhi etc were present. Click here to read more about Dr Binayak Sen

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