Thursday, January 20, 2011

Miss Navreet Sandhu of SIRSA is Miss World Punjaban 1st runner up

Watch Video: Miss Navreet Sandhu of SIRSA is Miss World Punjaban 1st RunnerUp

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Miss Navreet Sandhu of Santnagar (Jagmalera) is Miss World Punjaban 1st runner up


20 January, 2011

Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann

NB: Some of the videos and pictures were provided by brother of Navreet Kaur, others were collected by Sirsa News. (SirsaNews acknowledges all the sources with thanks) Some Clips of Audio Video out of Sync the error during video rendering was unavoidable and is regretted

In a recently held world wide function to select Miss World Punjaban, Miss Navreet Kaur Sandhu was declared 1st runner up in the final selection held in Ludhiana. Miss Navreet originally belongs to Village Santnagar (aka Jagmalera) of SIRSA. Presently she is pursuing Bachelor of Sciences (Nursing) at University of Arizona Tucson USA. Miss Navreet is well versed in Hindi Punjabi and English, being born in Haryana, but in a Punjabi Jatt Sikh family and later migrating to the USA in her teenage; she had the edge over other contestants of having fluency in all these three languages. He brother Ricky Sandhu who is also settled in USA and got married recently informed SirsaNews that her sister has a bright academic career apart from taking keen interested in cultural activities. Living in USA has not delinked her from her Punjabiyaat roots and she is equally connected to the Punjabi culture. Navreet in a television interview said that when Ratti Brar won the last pageant, since then she had also made this a target for herself.

Interestingly Miss World Punjaban is a little different from rest of the beauty pageants as in the various contests of this, more emphasis is given to the ability of the contestants to relate with and prove their talents in Punjabi, Punjabi Culture, Punjabi Poetry and Punjabi folklore.

Navreet Kaur Sandhu is also in India these days in connection with the now concluded finals of the Miss World Punjaban pageant and the wedding of her brother. More about this soon....

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