Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Chautala Challenges Hooda for face-to-face Debate

Watch Video: Ex CM Haryana OP Chautala's Press Conference at SIRSA

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Chautala Berates Congress, Challenges Hooda for face-to-face Debate.

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04 January, 2011

Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann

Mr. OP Chautala Ex CM Haryana, lambasted at Congress, in a press conference held at his Sirsa residence. Mr. Chautala listed more than 10 major scandals that took place in the Congress regime. Mr. Chautala said that it’s true that PM Manmohan Singh is an honest man, but what’s the advantage of his honesty to the nation if the bandwagon that he leads is absolutely corrupt. Chautala also challenged Haryana CM to participate in a face to face debate in presence of media so that every thing comes in black and white. Mr Chautala was contesting the claim of CM Haryana that the Congress Govt has done much more even for Sirsa than the INLD. Mr Chautala said that Congress Government at the Center is avoiding JPC, but he commented that in the coming budget session either the demand of the opposition for the formation of JPC shall be met with or the LOKSABHA might face the situation of being dissolved. [Watch Video above]

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