Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ellenabad Road Jam continues till late in the evening

Sirsa-Ellenabad/Rania Road Jam continues till late in the evening.

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24 May, 2011

Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann, Nakul

Agitated over police failure and non-action in the arrest of the accused of alleged rape of a girl of Mangala Village, the villagers at first blocked the Sirsa-Ellenabad highway (SH23) at Village Mangala, when the traffic got itself diverted from other roads, the villagers extended the Road Blockade to Village Bhambour, Y point from where the road from Sirsa bifurcates to Ellenabad and Rania.

No level of persuasion from District Administration and Sirsa Police could pacify the villagers. The road commuters were left stranded in hot and humid sun for long hours, some tried to find alternative escape routes via vacant fields around the Jam site. In the evening the Jam was revoked following assurance from the Police that the accused shall be arrested in 2 days.

It seems that the month of May had been quite full events of restlessness as just a day before on 23rd a clash broke out A clash broke out between two warring groups in village Bhawdin, leaving two injured. Before that on 23rd itself Ellenabad MLA Mr. Abhay Singh Chautala, today met the SP Sirsa to know about the double murder case, which occurred on 4th May. He impressed upon the SP to arrest the accused behind this murder. Mr. Abhay Chautala first went to the protesting citizens sitting at Ellenabad and assured them that he is with them and shall get the justice delivered. On his assurance the protesting citizens called off their protest.

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