Monday, May 09, 2011

JCDV IBM (MBA) students farewell to passouts

JCDV IBM (MBA) students farewell to passouts.


09 May, 2011

Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann

JCDV IBM students bid farewell to seniors

Bidding farewell to seniors is always an emotional and poignant moment in the lives of college students. JCD IBM Rukksat, a farewell bash organized by the junior intermediate students for their seniors at Dental Auditorium on Friday. Preparations were in full swing...The juniors left no stone unturned...This day, this event, dedicated to their dear seniors...the very ones who helped them in being a part of such a huge platform, with whom they shared those unforgettable memories...

The party commenced with a welcome speech by the host students wherein they welcomed Dr. Shashi Kapur, Director, JCD Institute of Business Management Dr. Kuldeep Singh, principal, JCD IBM and Principals of other colleges as well as the faculty members, Supporting Staff and outgoing students of final year. The host students came forward in large numbers to take part in various cultural events which included songs, group dance, poems, and one minute party games. The event then unfolded some nostalgic memories. A slide show and a video presentation were then shown to the gathering. Some of the outgoing batch students came to the stage and shared experiences & their life at JCDV.

"We conduct this bash every year. This sort of interaction would strengthen bondage between seniors and juniors thus paving for healthy atmosphere in the campus," said college Principal Dr. Kuldeep Singh.

The junior batch presented Mementos to their seniors and also gave them appropriate titles. The outgoing students thanked their juniors for organizing farewell party for them and making the event a memorable one. The outgoing students conveyed their feelings at the time of departure and thanked the faculty members and staff for providing them proper environment for studies and professional growth. Ramesh Godara and Disha were adjudged students of the year. The titles of Mr. & Miss MBA went to Sachin Mehta and Geet Chawla whereas the titles for Mr. Personality and Ms. Personality went to Rahul Aneja and Neha Dawar. Sweta and Anupam got the titles of Stars of the Evening.

Also, the meritorious students of JCDIBM and DMS COE were awarded scholarships for their achievements in university exams. Neha, Ashmit, Shruti, Kanchan got scholarships of Rs. 3,000/- each whereas Swati got two scholarships- one of Rs. 6,000/- from Vidyapeeth and another of Rs. 25,000/- from Haryana State counseling Society. The farewell comes to an end with a thanks note & lots of tears that trickled down the cheeks.

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