Monday, May 30, 2011

Media Associations PowerPointPresentation on 29th and 30th

Media Associations Power Show on 29th and 30th


29-30 May, 2011

Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann, Nakul

HUJ, HPS and newly carved HJA this time were overtly active in organizing Hindi Patarkarita Diwas and Annual seminars etc.

On 29th Haryana Patrakar Sangh (HPS) and Haryana Union of Journalists (HUJ) organised their seminars. While HPS in SIRSA invited Dr Ajay Singh Chautala as chief guest, HUJ made it big in HISAR by inviting CM Haryana in its 29th Annual conference. Mr. Baljit Singh Advocate from SIRSA was unanimously made HUJ State president at Hisar.

Haryana Journalists Association (HJA) a newly carved out organisation with most of the members who have defected HUJ and HPS organised a program at Panchayat Bhawan Sirsa. The musing before the program was that it would turn out to be a stale and flop show. But the program turned out to be enriching experience for those who attended it. Apart from Political stars of different political parties, Mr. Rahul Dev of Aaj Samaj was the keynote speaker who has a wide exp as a TV and Print journalist. The over 1 hour speech of Rahul Dev was heard by the attending journalist with pin drop silence despite the hot weather. Mr Rahul Dev stressed that journalists should pay more attention on content and quality. One of the salient points of this new organization was that it had a democratic set up and everyone was invited to speak up his thoughts. Mr VS Chauhan of CDLU spoke on Hindi journalism. Arjun Sharma from Jalandhar spoke about paid news.

2 of the 5 media organizations of Sirsa, ‘Press Club’ and ‘Electronic News Media Association’ remained dormant on these 2 days.

This writer is a member of HUJ and ENMAS, could not attend two of these three seminars due to other pressing appointments.

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