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Banking of another kind - Blood Donation Camp at HDFC Sirsa

Banking of  another kind - Blood Donation Camp at HDFC Sirsa
08 December 2012
Pictures and Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann, Satnam Singh.
Watch Video: A blood donation camp was held at HDFC Bank SIRSA on 7th Dec 2012.

Every year December 7th for HDFC is a day for Blood Bank along with that of normal banking business. This year also a blood donation bank was held see video and video interview of Mr Chetan Goyal of HDFC, also in the video are Mr Ashwini Sharma in-charge of Red Cross Blood Bank Sirsa, Navneet Kamboj, Balraj Brar, Ravi Jain, Atul Verma. The Blood donation camp was inaugurated by Sh Satish Kumar. City Magistrate Sirsa 

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Banking of another Kind at HDFC Bank!
10 December, 2010
Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, Amit Soni, GS Mann [Video Below in the NEWS]
Banking of another kind at HDFC today.
HDFC Bank today had banking day that is quiet unusual with usual banking operations, instead of the normal banking operations related to deposits withdrawals, demand drafts of INR, today HDFC staff indulged itself in blood banking. It only offered life saving advances and that too without asking for any signatures sureties and guarantors to all the needy persons in the form of BLOOD. The HDFC Sangwan Chowk branch’s clearing manager Mr. Ravi Kakkar organized a blood donation camp at the bank premises in association with Shiv Shakti Blood bank Sirsa, Dr. RM Arora was himself present to take stock of the Banks New Banking operations in the field of Blood! Dr Arora told Sirsa News that in his knowledge HDFC was the first bank to start Blood donation camp and this is the 3rd Blood Donation Camp organized by the bank. Mr. Ravi Kakkar said that on this day several HDFC branches all over India are organizing Blood donation camps. Today’s Camp had the Motto ‘You Don’t have to be Doctor to Save a life’Watch Video: HDFC-ShivShakti Blood Donation Camp

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