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Thakur Uday Singh is now Satguru Uday Singh of Namdhari Sect

Thakur Uday Singh is now Satguru Uday Singh of Namdhari Sect.
24 December 2012
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The transformation of Uday Singh from being a corporate expert in agriculture to becoming the chief of Namdhari sect has been both unexpected and unusual. The head of the country's biggest vegetable and flower seed producing company, Indian Seed and India Pacific Seed Associations, Uday Singh was yesterday crowned as the new sect chief at a 'dastarbandi' (turban tying) ceremony in Bhaini Sahib in Khanna.

But, the crowning also a controversy attached to it. Another claimant to the top post after the death of Satguru Jagjit Singh was Thakur Dalip Singh who, in an unprecedented gesture, wants the crown to go the former head's widow Mata Chand Kaur.
Interestingly, Mata Chand Kaur herself had named Thakur Uday Singh as the successor.

Controversies apart, it is now Satguru Uday Singh who has been in command of the sect, members of which sport a white dress, including turbans. No Namdhari is allowed to remain without a turban. The sect that fought the British under Satguru Ram Singh is known for not only protecting and preserving Sahiwal breed of Indian cow but also in fighting social evils like dowry, female foeticide and drugs.

"My job is to carry forward the social and spiritual crusades started by Satguru Ram Singh and continued by Satguru Jagjit Singh," says Satguru Uday Singh. 

His grooming into spirituality has been under none other than Satguru Jagjit Singh himself.
It was in the early 80s that Satguru Jagjit Singh wanted Uday Singh to look after his farm of about 200 acres. "After a couple of years of traditional farming, we switched to seed production. Our most popular productions are sweet water melon and tomatoes, besides other vegetables and flowers. We are the largest producers of vegetable seeds in the country," claims Satguru Uday Singh.
A graduate, he also looks after 1,000 acre seed farm in Andhra and Protective Seed Protection in Ooty. While classical music is in his blood, he has also been associated with the Namdhari hockey team that has produced three Olympians, including mercurial Sardar Singh and a score of national-level players.
Satguru Uday Singh has also been one of the brains behind the super-speciality 300-bedded Apollo Hospital in Ludhiana.
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