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Live Forever- Dr. TN Chugh

Live Forever- Dr. TN Chugh
10 October, 2016
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The subject conveys endless, immortal, imperishable, incessant, perennial, perpetually beyond dooms day and eternal concept of living.
According to Plato, ‘I have good hope that there is something after death.’
It should be our firm persuasion that immortality of our soul is not a delusion and we should cherish its bliss to our last breath. The noble thoughts of Augustine Sermon suggest that immortality is health and this life is a long sickness.
Immortal status in organisms:
Single celled (unicellular) living organisms are considered as eternal because they multiply through binary fission. It occurs in protozoan, bacteria, single celled algae and fungi. One organism starts living as two identical individuals with same quality and quantity of genetic material. Multi-cellular and complex organisms appeared through evolution. Therefore, death acquired certainty. Among plants Banyan tree lives for about 3000 years and among animals the life span of tortoise is more than 200 years.
Cloning is another prospect of producing two or more young ones from single fertilized egg as in a case of identical twins. Attempts have been successful in sheep and a few more animals’ types. Efforts are being made in human species. An instance mentioned in religious literature reveal that king Dhritrashtra had one hundred clone princes.
Human Beings:
Human race is most sublime, supreme and distinguished creation of Almighty God. The management of our life must involve superb thinking, planning, actions and proper utilization of resources with positive aspects to achieve most favorable results. Every person should introspect from time to time to work for better prospects and prosperity.
Life span of a person is limited. The cause, period and place of death remain unknown to everyone. It is being regulated through fortune governed by Divine Lord.
Causes of Death:
Natural death is due to old age; accidental problems with heavy vehicles; fire at home or outside; volcanic eruptions; earth quakes; floods; cloud burst; electric shocks; attack through vulgar animals like tiger group, crocodile, shark etc.; strong hit through heavy cattle, elephant, rhino etc,; bite through poisonous animals like snakes, scorpions, spiders, harmful fishes etc.; murders through known or unknown persons; consumption of poisonous food; non-suitable medicines; ill effects in vital organs like heart, brain, kidneys, lungs, liver etc.; non-communicable and congenital diseases like cancer, diabetes, hemophilia, thalesemia etc.; chronic state of many communicable diseases especially viral problems; and many more causes. Do not fear death because this event is certain. However, death clock is uncertain. No one can predict the date and time of death.  
Aspects of suicide:
Suicide is not only the process of self killing but an act of self murder. This concept is not only physical and judicial crime but also spiritual arrogance. Persons developing the tendency of suicide seem to suffer from Psychological distress, physical disorders, intoxicants, financial problems and social depression. Non-fatal attempt of suicide cause long term injuries as observed in about ten million persons per year. Traditionally, suicide seems to be an offence towards meaning of life, dishonor in religion and God. Thus the mis-concept of suicide can be avoided through timely medical assistance, financial help, social acceptance and spiritual elevation. The world suicide prevention day is observed annually on 15th September with the help of W.H.O.
Longevity of Human Life:
The person having good health and refined qualities live for a longer period. We should rejoice our kind living and add years to life so as to ensure that the elderly age become peaceful, enriching and productive. The experienced old age should be meaningful and active, without any distress. Fortunately, the enzyme ‘telomerase’ was discovered in 1980 which is considered as the fountain of youth. This enzyme reawakens the dying cells so that normal aging will be slowed down or even reversed. In Greek mythology, Panacea provides universal remedy which can cure many diseases. It may prolong the life indefinitely. With increase in awareness and alertness, the global life of 60 years and above is likely to grow from7.5% of total population in 2001 to about 17% by 2050. Certain scientists convey that the average human age may reach up to 200 years.     
Attempts and Efforts to achieve Greatness:
According to William Shakespeare, a few are born great, some achieve greatness and very few have greatness thrust upon them. Generally speaking, greatness is not inborn. It has to be acquired through innovative tasks performed with esteemed knowledge and skill, dedication and perseverance. Life certainly involves all the practical things of daily living. A person lives once and the virtuous living is praiseworthy. Every person should realize broad existential themes with very purpose and objectives of life; For instance, become an eminent player, be elite in industry; attain prominent research in science, arts, culture, music or profession; work with dedication for the nation through noble qualities; create abundance of wealth for family and social help, acquire prominent status in education, literature or religion; achieve martyrdom etc. Contemplate upon following opinions to acquire success and greatness:
1.     Imagine for prospective tasks and write upon your diary.
2.                        Establish total control on positive thoughts and virtuous actions. Do not make it only mechanical, commercial and trade worthy. Always sustain optimistic attitude, work with honesty and courage.
3.                        Make righteous plans to achieve desired objectives. Life is what we make it. Be humane and render selfless service so as to create goodwill in society.
4.                        Decide your destination and try to achieve it with strength and intelligence. Work hard with complete dedication and skill.
5.                        Develop team spirit and work in cooperation with companions.
6.                        Do not stop learning; acquire motivation and guidance from spiritual master, good literature, teachers and prominent persons of particular field. Always dedicate on improvement and innovation.
7.                        Acquire virtuous qualities of honesty, humility, contentment, tolerance, kindness, justice, universal brotherhood and respect for all religions.
8.                        Discard the bad habits of anger, hatred, lust, greed, anxiety, ego, bribery, gambling, commercial speculation, intoxicants, violence etc.
9.                        Never give up until you succeed. Strong determination even in weak persons can overcome tough situations or opponents through willpower. Thomas A. Edison was able to give us electricity after many instances of failure.
10.                    Never surrender to weakness and mistakes. The solution may take some time when you are learning new skills.
11.                      Avoid fear and nervousness. Face challenging situations with great aplomb.
12.                     Analyze your qualities from time to time. Ask yourself empowering questions, “What can I do to make me a better and successful person.”
13.                     Celebrate your accomplishments embraced in gratitude.
You are master of your destiny and creator of your future. You can make your life extra-ordinary as you desire. Dare to be great and manifest that greatness. Confirm your ideals with ambition and dedication to success. Greatness ultimately means not only to improve your excellence but also to bring excellence to those around you.     
   Certain noble qualities are suggested for good and great persons------
G---Gentleness, generosity, gorgeous, giant, grateful. Gigantic, gallant, gaiety, gainful, genius, guide.
R---Righteous, reliable, realistic, regulated, reformative, radiant, reasonable, remedial, rewarding, receptive, relevant, responsible.
E---Elite, ethical, explicit, exemplary, esteemed.
A---Acceptable, amiable, affectionate, admirable, attentive, analytical, assistive, astounding, assertive, apt, attributable, authoritative, absorbing, awakened, alluring, amazing, aspirant, assured, axiom, appropriate, aspirant.
T---Thoughtful, thrilling, trustworthy, thought provoking, tension free, tee-totaller, tender, triumphant, tolerant, truthful, total.     
Eternity of Life:
God is the eternal Divine Power. He is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, original truth, pre-eminent, infinite, sole creator and sole benefactor. Almighty God has also created time and special messengers (true saints) for the benefit of humanity. Our eternal life can be blessed by God because it reflects the way,” God loves us.” To be afraid of anyone other than God Himself is like dishonor to God because He is supplement of spirit. The eternal life continues after death does not reflect time, rather experiences changes in state of being. The body and mind leave the world on death. Our soul is not the victim of aging, sickness and death because it is a divine bliss and thus immune to such changes.
Divine Bliss for Eternity:
We need to live with eternal perspective in everything we do as believer, working with wisdom and praying for spiritual master. Only our prominent thoughts affect our priorities and actions. We can live forever even with an impactful shorter life. With firm belief in truth, we develop complete faithfulness in Him. His response is external in scope and entrust in greater opportunities to live, serve and witness His benevolent ways.
According to religious status of Hinduism, supported by Plato, Pythogros, Socrates and many more philosophers, spiritual approach is immortal. It refers to the transformation of soul from body to body but remains endless. People live many ‘lives’, each influenced by the actions of previous race. If they live well, ‘Karma’ improves and makes the next life cycle better. The soul remains the same; it just travels between different forms. Certain persons believe that the human performing noble actions are rewarded with heaven and those with wicked deeds are subjected to hell.
The virtuous qualities remain everlasting and can make them, ‘living eternal.’ The patriots of any age, prominent players, artists, scholars, scientists, etc., earn remarkable status in society due to excellence. But the ascetics and saints belonging to various nations deserve maximum reverence and remembrance from their followers since they are linked with God and convey the divine message of spiritual enhancement; for instance, our revered Saints, Gurus, Sufis, Sears, etc. They are considered as Incarnations of Almighty God. The everlasting existence of eternal entities is exhibited with great regard through noble literature, cast images, sculptures, statues and eminent awards.

Nobody has lived forever, nor can anyone live forever now, but can become everlasting through excellent thoughts and actions. Therefore, make attempts to achieve truthful life with optimistic attitude which help to gain divine bliss and attain eternity. Adopt noble qualities of self reliance, admirable tasks, innovative concepts, enthusiasm, strong determination, appreciable team spirit and overall spiritual motivation.
Article of immense social value, contributed to Sirsa News by: Dr. Triloki Nath Chugh.
Co-Ordinator, Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institutions,
Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa (Haryana, India ).
The writer is an eminent former Professor of Zoology; he has more than 3 decades of teaching experience in various colleges of KUK and is presently Co-ordinator, Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institutions, DSS, Sirsa. He can be reached on his Mobile No:+91-94160 48789 and email: . Dr Chugh has published many Zoology research papers; Guided several M.Phil students for research; M.Sc. Secured 2nd Position BITS PILANI 1968; Gold Medalist in French Diploma 1981 KUK; Prinicipal at SSS Boys College for 7 years.

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