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Mystery Still shrouds Murder Most Foul of the year.

Mystery Still shrouds Murder Most Foul of the year.


22 December, 2010

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The POLICE and the public is still at wits end in resolving the mystery of the gruesome murder of a young woman probably a married woman, whose body was cut into several pices after her homicide packed into suitcases and dropped at least two different localities of SIRSA. What can be dubbed as murder most foul of this year, the murderer seems to a person who had expertly planned the crime before its execution, that is why even a week after the investigation teams are clueless and the Post mortem has not helped much yet.

Read the previous story below:

Previous story of this crime as reported in The Tribune of 18th Dec. : A woman, who seems to be in her early twenties, was found murdered here and her body was chopped into pieces. The police today recovered the head and the two lower limbs of the body from Kanganpur village near here and the torso and the upper two limbs of the woman from a vacant plot near Agarsen Colony. The woman’s head and lower limbs were found packed in a gunny bag, while the torso and the upper limbs were found packed in a suitcase. Labourers working under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme at Kanganpur village found the bloodstained bag near the government school of the village today. They got suspicious and brought the matter to the notice of village sarpanch Gurvinder Singh, who informed the police. SHO, Sadar police station, Jitender Singh reached there with other cops and on opening the bag he found the head and two legs of a woman. Later in the afternoon, someone called in the city police station to inform about the suitcase. Jatinder Singh said the body had not been identified yet. The body has been kept in the mortuary of the general hospital for identification and further investigation.

The Above information is by the Courtesy of: The Tribune and Sushil Manav

Another NEWS story tries to link this to honour killing, which does not seems probable in this case, read below:

Woman's body parts found in Haryana, honour killing suspected

Sirsa (Haryana), Dec 19 (IANS) A young woman's body parts stuffed into a sack have been found

in Sirsa district of Haryana in a suspected case of honour killing, police said here Sunday. The sack was recovered in Kangnapur village. 'We have found the head and lower limbs of a woman who was in her early 20s but it is very difficult to identify her. It could be a case of honour killing and we are taking the help of sniffer dogs and forensic experts to solve it,' said Jitender Singh, investigation officer. According to police, the sack was first noticed by labourers working in the government school building here late Saturday. They informed the village sarpanch (headman), who called the police. 'We have informed two families where girls went missing in the last one month. A case has been registered,' Singh added. Haryana is infamous for honour killings. Many such cases of murder of youngsters have rocked the state in the past year.

This report Courtesy of IANS

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