Sunday, December 26, 2010

Infant declared dead, starts breathing in cremation ground.

Infant declared dead, starts breathing in cremation ground.


26-27 December, 2010

Pictures & Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, Amit Soni, GS Mann


IN a bizarre incident at Sirsa today morning an infant( about 1 and half month) declared dead by a pediatrician Dr. Ram Niwas Bana suddenly started showing signs of life when it started breathing just before its burial in the local Cremation grounds. The infant was immediately brought to the Nursing Home of another Pediatrician Dr. Rajinder Sra where the child was breathing normally and was being given drips intravenously. Till writing of the news the child was breathing normally and making spontaneous body movements, though according to Dr. Sra the prognosis of the case was uncertain. Vinod Kumar, the father of the infant, a resident of local Rania road who was also present there alleged that his son was under the treatment of Dr. Bana for the last about a month and today morning his staff declared him dead and asked them to take it away. He further alleged that when they were at the verge of putting its body into the grave the infant started breathing and without any loss of time they brought it into the Sra Nursing Home


82 pouches of Blood belonging to the local Shiv Shakti Blood Bank which were found yesterday on the road side near village Panjuana (Sirsa) and caused a commotion and flurry of activity among the medical fraternity of town ultimately put the Bank Management in trouble. In this connection while addressing media persons in the local IMA house today, Dr. Ved Beniwal the chairman of the Blood Bank and the patron of the Haryana state IMA said that out of 82 Blood pouches found 7 were issued to various Nursing Homes for human Use and which after being used were handed over to the Synergy Medical Bio-waste management agency. The rest 75 of them were expired after Plasma and Platelets were separated from them and the same were given to the same Bio-waste Management agency for proper disposal. He alleged that it was a conspiracy on the part of this agency to throw all these pouches on the road side to tarnish the fair image of the Bank which has been rendering selfless services for the last over a decade. However when contacted Dr. Viresh Bhushan the Deputy Civil Surgeon Sirsa who had raided the bank along with a team of Doctors and District Drugs Inspector told on Phone to this correspondent that after detecting discrepancies in the records of the Blood Bank a criminal case with the Sirsa police has been filed against the Blood Bank under Public Safety Act and also a complaint has been filed with the SDO of the Pollution Control Board under the Environment Protection Act.

Both Reports Dr. OP Bansal

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