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Mhaari Reet Mhaare Geet- Haryanvi Culture Audio CDs Released by Mrs Asha Hooda at HAU Audi Hisar

Mhaari Reet Mhaare Geet- Haryanvi Culture Audio CDs Released by Mrs Asha Hooda at HAU Audi Hisar;

Mrs. Kiran Khyalia, Mrs. Sunita Chaudhary & Sh. Murari Verma Applauded by audience in Jam Packed Auditorium.


28 March, 2010

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Mrs. Asha Hooda wife of Chief Minister Haryana and Vice President of Haryana State Child Welfare Council released 'Mhaari Reet Mhaare Geet' 3 Audio Compact Discs at Jam Packed Auditorium of HAU Hisar yesterday evening. The Audio CDs showcase cultural heritage of Haryana through various traditional folk songs that are sung on traditional wedding occasions in Haryana. The songs have been sung by Mrs. Kiran Khyalia (wife of present Deputy Commissioner of Sirsa Mr. Yudhbir Singh Khyalia IAS) and her Sister Mrs. Sunita Chaudhary. Dr. Kiran Khyalia is Associate professor of Music at Govt National PG College Sirsa and Smt. Sunita Chaudhary is a school teacher and had been singing for AIR Rohtak.

The CDs have been released under the label of SHANTI Music which is the name of the Late mother of Kiran and Sunita, Smt. Shanti herself was deeply involved in folk music and penned most of the lyrics of these compositions, the claws of death took her away last year and she could not witness the release of work at this event, some of her incomplete work was finished by sister of Mrs. Shanti (Mausi ji of Kiran and Sunita). She was almost in tears while the CDs were being released probably with mixed feelings of happiness and remorse of not having her sister alongside at this release. Ch Umed Singh father of Dr Kiran and Prof Sunita also witnessed the release

Addressing the audience Mrs. Asha Hooda said that she her self is deeply involved with folklore and heritage of Haryana, but lately the kind of music that is being churned out of Music factories and inaptly labeled as Haryanavi Genre` is distasteful and cannot be lent an ear by anyone who is even remotely connected to rich Haryanavi Culture. But this release is a surprise fresh breeze that has been aptly dubbed as ‘Sanskritik Darohar’ of Haryanavi Culture. She urged the singers and the music director that this release should not end up as one release wonder, more such cultural music covering other folklores of Haryana shall be eagerly awaited from the stable of this trio.

The music to these CDs have been beautifully rendered by Mr Murari Verma a well known musician of this region who has carved out singers like Rupinder Kaur (Voice of Punjab winner), Ravinder Noor and at least a dozen more at his state of the art music recording and authoring facility at his home studio in Nohria Bazar Sirsa. A separate post is required to showcase the Music Director cum musician cum Composer & Recording Engineer of this dusty city SIRSA. Introvert and laid back Mr. Verma’s vividity as a talented musician is well known to many but is limited to a closed circuit of listeners. Due to his introvert personality he has never indulged in self publicity and that is the reason this connoisseurs still waits to see the lime light. This high profile release shall definitely make his outreach to thousands of audience. (A separate NEWS Post about Murari Verma is in the pipeline of SirsaNews and shall be published soon. Some of his older entries in can searched or can be visited by clicking on these links: Shabad Gurbani ; Punjabi Pop )

Mr. Sanjay Gupta and Mrs. Monika Gupta, Zee News correspondents from Sirsa, had conceptualized the idea of this album. Both were instrumental in clubbing of this trio and coordinated meticulously through out this project that took a little more than seven months to complete were also present and were overlooking the event along with the support of Mr. Bhagirath.

Dr. Yudhbir Singh Khylaia and Dr. Khokhar VC HAU also addressed the audience, Dr Khyalia also introduced blood motivators for this region to Mrs. Asha Hooda and they were honoured on the occasion. Dr Mrs. Khyalia gives credit to her husband and her son who is an advocate at Punjab and Haryana High Court for motivating her and giving her ample support for this production.

Mrs Savitri Jindal ex minister, Dr. KS Khokhar VC HAU, Mrs Sushila Sharma Chairperson HWC, Dr. Rajeswari (KUK) Dr. Lather (HAU), Mrs. Chander Prabha Dy Chairperson HWC, Mr OP Sheoran DC Hisar, Mr Subhash Yadav SP Hisar, Mrs Balbir Kaur registrar BPS Women University, Mr Ashok Garg ADC Hisar, Mr Tomar principal DN College Hisar, Mrs Vijaya Tomar principal CMK College Sirsa, Dr. RS Sangwan, Dr Ved Beniwal, Mrs Ashakiran Grover, Mr SK Jain SDM Sirsa, Mr. Munish Nagpal SDM Dabwali, many dignitaries, music lovers, teachers students and women from the country side were present at the occasion.

The set of 3 cds is divided into Bannadday Kay Geet (Songs sung at the wedding of Bridegroom), ‘Bannadi ke Geet’ (Songs sung at the wedding of Bride) and 'Nachhan Ke Geet' Peppy Dance Numbers in the 3rd CD for those who want foot tapping Haryanvi Music. There is total of more than 90 songs in this set of 3 CD Album.


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