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AAP-A new Chapter in Indian Politics?

AAP-A new Chapter in Indian Politics?
12 December, 2013
Pictures and Videos: Amar Singh Jyani, GS Mann, Background Music: Murari Verma.
New chapter in Indian politics?
The stunning success of AAP in the Delhi elections   has changed the thinking of the nation towards politics. Congrats to the common man for reposing faith in the principled politics, and commitment to development. It is a victory of goodness over money and muscle power. Idealism, a word which people had started laughing at, has again got back its respect. Kejriwal and his AAP, have written a new chapter in India politics.  It has a very bright future ahead, provided it practises what it preaches, when in power.
The debacle of the Congress party in four states is surprising, to say the least. The sweep by the BJP has further strengthened Narinder Modi’s position as the PM candidate, and somewhat dented the stature of Rahul Gandhi.
Now, the Congress has to rethink its political strategy.  How does it approach the 2014 elections?  The difficult situation demands tough decisions. Lessons have to be learnt.  Sonia Gandhi is the main trump card the party has. But, I feel, it is not the opportune time to use it.  Presently, the initiative lies with Modi, and if Sonia, as PM candidate fails, then the Congress party will face difficulty to pull it out of a difficult situation in 2014. So, now, the best option is to announce Dr Manmohan Singh as its PM candidate. He has a clean image, and despite being considered weak (which I personally do not agree), is a thorough professional. Rahul Gandhi, and other top leaders, should back him up to the hilt. The party must connect to the man in the street, with all humility, without hitting out at any body. The Congress can bounce back, based on its development schemes, and secular outlook. 
It is also a perfect time for the political parties to check their course, and sweep out ‘dirt’ from politics. Let them shed the baggage of ‘bhai bhatija’ in politics. A politician must be seen as social worker and not the one wielding authority to browbeat the system and make money. He should be the one who helps bureaucracy to work for the poor and not twist them towards corruption. Let this positive momentum in politics be built up to herald a new era in India democracy. Social activists like Anna Hazare, and others, should support the change, and help in fielding good candidates for the elections, whichever party it may be. If we want a positive change, then we all got to chip in, rather than crib and sit on the fence. Then alone, our Parliament and state assemblies will be filled with dedicated representatives of people, ensuring healthy democracy, and all round progress of the nation.
 By: Colonel  R D Singh ( Retd.)

Note: Colonel R D Singh belongs to village Pilimandori (Fatehabad). He is a decorated soldier, and a prolific writer. Member of INTACH, and Blood Bank Society, Chandigarh (Star blood donor), he is actively involved in social work.  RDs are  a happy working family -  wife  a senior teacher in the Army School,  daughter a  Delhi High Court lawyer, and son a Capt in the Armoured Corps ( third generation).

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